Monday, 14 April 2014

Am I Bento baby barmy?

Since my first Bento creation I have become a little obsessed. Only a teeny bit. Although my darling man would beg to differ. He laughs at me when he watches me putting my little Bento lunches together for our daughter & pretty much calls me crazy. Mainly because everything has to look just so and a photo {or three} needs to be taken before she can enjoy it. 

Is this bad? 

Have I gone Bento mad?

I don't think so. 

My darling man can laugh all he likes, I love how passionate I get about projects and with this being a new one that's made its way into our daily lives - I've grabbed it with both hands and you better believe I am running with it! 

So what Bento creations have we made in our first week? 
This was our first one. 
Darling Bunny sandwiches and a pancake. 
Red/green grapes, cheese stars, 
carrot flowers, cocktail sausages and 
some baby carrots with parsley stalks. 
Annabelle woke a little late from her nap one day, so this is more of a 
late lunch/dinner Bento.
Baby chick pancakes with icing to make the eye and beaks.
Cocktail sausages {warm}, Chicken pieces sprinkled with a little spice for flavour.
Sausagerolls and some animal biscuits with a fig roll.
Watermelon hearts, Ritz crackers, cheese {with sprinkles to make it look pretty!}
Wotsits, Wheaten bread stars.
Cucumber hearts and a clementine.
Bunny wheaten bread with a dairylea cheese tail ,
Grapes, Baby carrots with a parsley stalk
A Brioche, Cocktail sausages and a sausageroll. 

I think I need more ideas! So I am trying to gather bits and pieces to make more creative looking bentos and going to introduce new foods to the wee woman this week too!

Do you have any ideas what I could introduce to her in this weeks Bentos? 


  1. Now Chloe has always enjoyed a 'bits & pieces' lunch as we call it - which is pretty much bento like but without the shapes etc - I think she'd really enjoy all the shapes & sprinkles but I worry about all the waste?

    1. Even as an adult I love a bits & pieces lunch too! I have minimal waste {if any} since I started doing the shapes. I've found foods and shapes that can help me get shapes out of the lot of it {pretty much!}. I wouldn't be a fan if there was a high waste percentage to be honest x

  2. Caleb loves 'bits & pieces' lunches too. I think i'm gonna need to invest in some more cutters/pins.

    1. Bits & pieces lunches are the best!! Omnomnom!! That's all it is really, isn't it? Cutters and pins haha! x

  3. I love your bento lunches. I've not made many this past week woops im slacking but i am obsessed!!! My oh looks at me weird when i make them haha!! xx

    1. Thanks Kerry. I'm glad my partners not the only one who looks at me funny about Bento! lol xx

  4. I so want to get into doing this. Yours are so lovely!!!

    1. Thanks Emma and they're great fun to do. I've found myself totally on the look out for Bento pieces to put into them these days, lol x

  5. Oh your boxes look fantastic!! Hubby laughs at me when I take photos of food too! x

  6. Omg, those are the cutest bentos ever!!!

  7. Oh they're so cute - the more I see the more I'm tempted to tiptoe down that rabbit hole!

  8. These are fab, we do 'picnic' lunches all the time... But I don't make shapes out of things... Having seen these, I think I should :) Brilliant!



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