Thursday, 24 July 2014

K is for...

...Kicking Back!
Yesterday we enjoyed one of the hottest days of the year and our came out brand spanking new swimming pool. Courtesy of the fabulous BIG Argos Sale. I knew the older sprouts would love it, they always do love a good splash around, but I wasn't sure how Annabelle would be. 

Turns out I had no worries! As soon as I lead her outside after she got up from her nap, she was straight over to it. I was barely able to get her dress of {fluffy still on} before she just climbed right in! After a while and with a struggle of tantrum "I WANT BACK IN THE POOL!" behavior, I got her into her swimsuit and the rest of the afternoon, that child was one with the water. 

She loved every single moment of it! From the ability to get in and out on her own, to splashing around, enjoying the entertainment of her older siblings and just generally being outside. This girl adores the outdoors and I hope that never changes, as this girl knows how to kick-back and enjoy life, if this photo is anything to go by! 

Summer school with Parragon Books!

When my children break off for school for almost 9 weeks, I can get a little worried about them diving into their new term after such a gap. So I do like to keep knowledge fresh in their minds so when they do go into their new terms, they don't feel so under pressure. Which is why I do summer school with both of my Primary school children. I think my teens would actually laugh at me if I tried this with them! But with the little ones, they actually enjoy it.

When I was at Britmums, I hung out at the fabulously busy Parragon Books section, they had cupcakes, staff with smiley faces so how could anyone resist. Chatting to the girls was wonderful, as being a Parragon Book buddy myself it was great to be face to face with people from the brand themselves. After a chat the girls where super kind and gave me two Gold stars for Summer books for my children and I'll be honest, I couldn't wait to get home to start them with the kids. 

I love these books, they are interesting, therefore engaging my kids and I love that they have wee test books too. 
Each day the kids will have around 20 mins {For Jacob} and 30 mins for Ellie of summer school each afternoon and so far they are really enjoying it. Ellie even enjoys doing the test paper too!
I am excited for the other subjects to be released as we've only 5wks or so left before the kids go back to school and I'd love to cover more subjects with them before their new term starts!! 

Have you been doing Summer school with your little ones? 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Mad Mid Week Blog Hop!

Welcome to this weeks #MadMidWeekBlogHop

If this is your first time popping by, then welcome! It's great to have you! And if you're a regular then it's fabulous to see you again!! 

Well the sunshine has been coming out to play a little this last week! Not as much as you guys have been getting on the mainland, but judging by last nights sunshine I am hoping that's all about to change! I've even went out and bought a new paddling pool for the sprouts for the occasion! Who cares if it's only for a week or two {if we're lucky!} but the kids will LOVE it and that's the main thing!! Now all I need is a wee Parasol perhaps or a wee gazebo for shade and we're all set for a week or two {as I said, if we're lucky!} of sunshine loveliness!! 

Have you been enjoying the sunshine where you are?

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A BoBo Buddy Review.

Any product that provides style and comfort to my toddler is an automatic winner in my eyes. So when I was asked to get little Miss Annabelle to help review a BoBo Buddy blanket backpack, I knew she'd love it!

But first...I have to share this lovely personal touch to the Bobo packaging from the creator.
Now...Meet Roary!
How cute is he! Roary is so soft to touch and I knew once I took him out I'd be pressed to get him back from a cuddle loving Annabelle to do this review. 
Roary is a fabulous size, not too small and not to big. In fact, he's perfect! I was keen to get him on the back of Annabelle. Now the straps I found a little loose when I put him on, so to solve that I just crossed the straps over, clicked them together and voila! One Bobo Blanket Backpack was on. 
It looked SUPER gorgeous on her and the softness of every inch of the backpack is so reassuring that I knew she was comfortable as she wore Roary. 

A BoBo Blanket Buddy Backpack is suitable for children aged 10mths+ and they make the best travelling companion for your child. They have the cuddly factor of the teddy style backpack and the added comfort and warmth provided by the gorgeous fluffy blanket inside. Both machine washable too! Roary is one of six gorgeous Backpack buddies!
Bunch of cuties right? It's not only Annabelle that loves Roary, but her older siblings love him too! So he is much loved in our home and is taken everywhere with us lately too.

The BoBo Blanket Backpack will cost £24.99 and after testing Roary out for the last week or so, we think he's worth every penny. He and any of his BoBo buddies would make a great gift!

You can find BoBo Blanket Buddies over on their Website, Facebook & Twitter.

Vileda Review & Giveaway!

When you're a Mum and have an army of little humans trudging in muddy footprints, smearing glass doors with grubby little fingers and if yours are anything like mine, finding it hilarious to blow raspberries on the front door too! So the cleaning literally never ends. Vileda has been a while known and respected brand for such a long time, goodness, I think I remember the brand name from when I was the grubby child and my own Mother was Captain of the cleaning helm. 

Now, me being that Captain hat wearing Mama Bear, and being responsible for the household cleanliness! I was super pleased when the Vileda team were kind enough to send me out a selection of products to use in our home.
I had never actually had the chance to use any of these Vileda products previously, except the Active wave non-scratch scourer pads - which I love! So once this arrived it was a good job I was in the midst of a good old fashioned cleaning spree.
The first thing I used was the Microfibre dust cloth, because, well....our poor TV is the victim of toddler fingerprints and splash back from thrown juice cups! I had used microfibre clothes before but none came close to the shiny results of this dust cloth!
The rest of the products have been wonderful to use also! From those super absorbant dish clothes, to the 2-in-1 kitchen cloth. Everything is a pleasure to have in my household! 
Now, to celebrate the launch of their new campaign, ‘Floor Miles’, I’ve teamed up with Vileda, the UK’s leading household cleaning brand. Vileda is offering one lucky reader the chance to win £25 worth of cleaning goodies to get their homes ship shape this summer. 

Perfect for busy homes, Vileda products are designed to last miles longer and make your cleaning miles easier! For more competitions and to find out how to collect Vileda ‘Floor Miles’ and be in with a chance of winning a family eco-holiday, head to the Vileda UK Facebook page.

Here's what you could win...

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Going Potty over Potty's!

In Jan next year, Miss Belle will be turning two {OMG!} and when her bigger Sister celebrated her second birthday I bought her a potty. So I figured I'd do the same with her. I know, I're thinking January is aaaaages away, but let me tell you - it's not! 

My eldest daughter took to her potty like a duck to water. Within one week she was waving good-bye to her day nappies. In one week. I was so proud & amazed, that I am hoping Annabelle will follow in her Sisters potty milestone steps. She may or may not take to the potty like her older Sister, but I think it's a good age to introduce her to the concept of using a 'big girls toilet'. 

Potty's have changed so much since my first child. Nowadays you can get really cool character ones of your child's cartoon favorites, such as: Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Disney Cars/Princesses...gosh I've even seen ones with a pretend flush and a toilet roll holder! 
I will be getting a selection of potties to place throughout our home, because you never know where in the house you're going to be when a little one needs a 'pee-pee'. I know I want a Lumipotti for her bedroom, purely for the fabulous night light feature on the potty. Then for downstairs I would love something fabulous and inviting for her to potty train on. I do love the throne style potty, but I think I'll get Annabelle to help in picking her favorite one. As it is her that's going to be using it after all!

Now my next job is looking into training pants and waterproof bed sheets, also reward charts and more. Gosh I know potty training is another good half a year off yet for Miss Belle, but man I'm excited about it! 

Is your little one potty training atm? How are they finding it? 

Want to join us on our bug safari?

Spiders, slugs, ants galore can all be found in everyone's gardens, so on one summers afternoon, after I'd been sent out this fun Bug Safari Kit from Interplay UK to review, we went-a-hunting!
The contents of the box are:- Bug Collecting tongs, Magnifying pot, Field lens, Tweezers, Paint brush and a bug hunting guide!
We weren't too sure what we'd find in our garden, but we were hoping we'd find something different and exciting! But down the children got onto their hands and knees and got to looking for some creepy crawlies. 
Surprisingly there wasn't many bugs wandering about our garden that afternoon, according to Jacob they must have all been attending a Bug ball down underneath the ground. But eventually Ellie spotted a little flutter out of the corner of her eye. Once it landed on our garden hedge, she gently captured it in the bug collecting tongs and lowered him into the magnifying pot so they could both have a good look at him. 
We really enjoy this kit and it is something that the kids use regularly to go on a bug hunt! They've caught loads of creepy crawlies since catching their first, and they really enjoy giving them a good over with the field lens and the magnifying viewing jar. Great wee product and the kids give it a big thumbs up!

Interplay UK can be found on their Website, Facebook & Twitter
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 

A Magiglide Review.

In our home the furniture is forever getting moved about. From sofas to retrieve toys that have scuttled underneath, and dining chairs so that they can all watch something on the PC together. Either way, our poor laminate flooring has been taking a beating. However, when I heard of MagiGLIDE & better still, they gave me an opportunity to do a review for them, I leaped at the chance. 

Anything to save my poor floors, right? 

MagiGLIDE is a simple little invention that will rock your world, and save your flooring too! They look really basic but looks can be deceiving, as these little gems are my new best friends. #floorlove
MagiGLIDE is made with two high performance materials and when combined, MagiGLIDE is born and giving you their unique performance capabilities. 

The grey side of the glider is made with PTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene, and it's so smooth that it has been compared to wet ice on wet ice. So upon reading this I was keen to get them on to my furniture. I was sent three different sizes, the larger ones that you see in the photo have went on one of our sofas. Easy to apply as you just peel off the backing and apply to a clean surface, and I was really impressed how easy the sofa moved after the gliders where fitted, compared to when they weren't. I knew my floors were praising me too! 
Now, I'll admit...I honestly didn't think they'd work but whoa...when I put the sofa back down and gave it a good push I'm telling you now, I almost fell over! It moved that easily! 

I've been applying the others to things like my dining rooms chairs, and I have plans to add them to the feet of my washing machine and tumble dryer too. It will be so awesome to be able to just glide those babies out so I can clean underneath them with ease.

I love these and I honestly could not recommend them enough to anyone! Pop over to the Magiglide website for a nosy, or even check them out on Facebook and/or Twitter

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.

Monday, 21 July 2014

A week of loveliness.

We have had a wonderful week of little ordinary moments, and for the first time in a good month or so I've had the big girl out and happily snapping! Here's the little moments I captured this week...
I absolutely adore how utterly inseparable these two are. They are forever playing, running or cosying up together. Their Brother/Sister bond is a true delight. 
Annabelle is in love with her Big Sisters dolls house. The same dolls house that she was bought she was around the age Annabelle is now. She loves putting all of the little Happy Land figures into the rooms, Tigers, Peppa Pig, Dinosaurs and more. She'll sit forever just having some creative/imaginative play and its glorious to see her loving this dolls house as much as her Big sister did, and still does.
Annabelles best part of the day I can guarantee is when Daddy comes home! When Daddy comes home I am 100% blew out, they roll around, and play for that precious hour before he gets her ready for bed and tucks her in. That is their time and I truly know it's the highlight of both of their days. 
I love how Annabelle adores her Granda Patrick and the other day when he came round to take some more measurements for the garden fence, she decided to take him for a wee wander, lol. 


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