Thursday, 31 July 2014

One Project too many!

I have this uncontrollable habit of starting a project, then halfway through I'll get distracted by the idea of a new project, start that and leave the other unfinished. This just doesn't happen the odd time, this happens everytime! I have no explanation as to why, or how to rein myself in from the distraction, but I know it's getting out.of.hand.

For example, this is a list of the 'ongoing' projects I have currently:

  • I have an afghan crochet blanket that I started when Annabelle was still in my belly, and after almost two years, it remains half finished. I really want to get it finished for this Winter, but I suppose only time will tell if that actually happens or not. 
  • I recently started making a dining table play house for the kids. I have no idea why I've not done anymore work on it. I 'think' I may need some more bias tape and perhaps the underlying reason why it's currently scrumped up underneath my sewing station. Makes a mental note: GET MORE BIAS TAPE!
  • The main bathroom still needs a voile panel made up before I can declare it truly 'finished'. In fact I actually need to order more of the beach hut material! Makes a mental note: to buy more fabric and voile!
  • The front hallway still needs a thermal door curtain hung up from last Winter! Get a move on woman, Winter's coming!! Why I go out, buy the stuff I need then let it gather dust in the hallway for this length of time is beyond me. No doubt something else distracted me! 
  • Our bedroom still needs finishing after doing some home improvements to it last year. 
  • During a brief moment of pregnant nesty takeover I decided to start painting the kitchen only to stop halfway through. So as the rest of an ugly blue I now have a half painted white wall too! *sighs heavily*
  • I need to finish glossing the banister in the hallway. I ran out and just...forgotten to buy another pot which I've just reminded myself. BUY MORE GLOSS WOMAN!
  • Jacobs room still needs the top parts painted that I cannot reach. However getting the darling man to do that will take quite some prodding I feel, lol. 

So you're getting the jist, right? Too much going on and I really need to get into a system where I just tick each one off as they're completely done. 

Are you bogged down by projects? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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The Mad Mid Week Blog Hop!

Welcome to this weeks #MadMidWeekBlogHop

If this is your first time popping by, then welcome! It's great to have you! And if you're a regular then it's fabulous to see you again!! 

We have had a GLORIOUS week across the pond, and even though the weather went from beautifully sunny to pouring down with rain for days, it didn't dampen our week! We've experienced emotional milestones this week, and also sharing more summery photos from our week in the sunshine! 

Just a few things...your posts can be old or new, no giveaways please, no other linkys and please link up with a post & not a direct URL to your blog as those will be deleted

If you do link up please do pop over to your host, Super Busy Mum, leave me a wee comment to let me know you've linked up. During the week I will comment on each of your posts, along with giving you a wee shout out on Twitter and now sharing on my Google+ also. 

Please make it round to as many other beautiful bloggers as you can. Doesn't have to be everyone! But sharing a little love is better than sharing none! xx

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Now lets get hoppin'!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sleep, my old friend.

I have always had a bit of a wonky body clock. I'll want to sleep yet when I see even a hint of light through the crack in my curtains, my brain wakes up and refuses to let the rest of me sleep. Unlike my partner, who could actually sleep the day away and not even be rocked if WWIII decided to start on our very doorstep! I'll not lie, I'm very jealous of his ability to sleep through the elements, whilst I rock a very not-so-stylish set of bags under a pair of tired eyes.  

It's frustrating! 

But recently I was sent out a few products to aid sleep and that was something I was not going to turn down! I was kindly sent out a Tempur-Pedic The Sleep Mask and a Mineral spray with essential oils to aid relaxation leading to normal, healthy sleep. YES PLEASE!
Now, I have tried sleep masks in the past. But each one I have tried has lacked comfort and with the material being over my eyelids, keeping them closed, I felt restricted, causing restlessness and therefore, no sleep! 

The Tempur-Pedic Sleep mask on the other hand could not be farther from anything I have tried before. With the velcro strap on the back, it's adjustable to different head sizes and therefore suiting to everyone's level of comfort. 

When I put on the mask I was so surprised at how comfortable it felt. With the pressure-relieving material contouring to the shapes of my face, I felt no restrictions. Better still? There are little 'dips' on the inside of the mask that allow you to open your eyes, seeing complete darkness & therefore as I have found, tricks my mind into thinking its night time and I drift into sleepy joy.
The Magnesium Goodnight Spray that I received too is fabulous for spraying onto your skin after a bath or just before you get into bed. I've used it a few times and it is lovely. Non greasy too which is a bonus. But mostly I just spray my mask whenever the scent is fading a little. Personally the mask for me is the biggest winner here, and even though I was shocked to see the £30 price tag for the TEMPUR sleep mask, after using it, and falling in love with it. I'd be happy to pay the price in return for a relaxed nights sleep. 

Also when I first put the mask on I don't know if this is built in or not but it has such a relaxing scent to it too! It's now the one thing I look forward too when I eventually crawl into bed each night. Slipping on this soft, comfortable sleep mask, I'll inhale, smelling that comforting aroma and before I know it I am off to sleep. Whereas, pre-mask? I would toss and turn, my mind would go on overdrive, but with this I seem to be going to sleep with such ease that I now don't think I can be without it! 
Do you have any issues sleeping? If so, feel free to check out this really helpful Silent Night Sleep Clinic page for more helpful information, and hopefully what will lead, to a normal, glorious nights sleep.

Dislcaimer: I was sent out these products for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.

Water fun & Frilly bums.

This last week for us has seen some glorious weather has I have written about before, previously in the week. If you want too you can read them here & here. So ordinary moments for us have been splashing, enjoying some ice-lollys in the sunshine, water fights, laughter and so much more. Its been a truly wonderful week! But I'll let a few snaps I took give you an insight to our week...
I love how Annabelle is covering her mouth and actually giggling as I took this shot. Wee monkey was all for having her big brother getting soaked! haha. Devious little moose! 
I love how Annabelle is just looking onwards at something, and that glorious little frilly tooshie is right in my line of sight. 
I stocked up on icepops and ice lollys, both store bought and homemade, but the ones Annabelle loved the most {mainly because she could hold them perfectly in her tiny hands} was those, fruit screamers? I think they are by fruit pastilles. She adored those!
Sprite & Haribo ice-lollys - YUM!!
I adore the cheekiness in Jacobs face in this shot! He dunked her not long after too! lol!
This photo though...I don't think I have ever seen a little girl be so excited to be 'caught' by Daddy! The love, happiness, joy and excitement in this photo makes my heart skip a beat or three. 

Back to School with GEORGE!

Step Into The New School Year
Summer’s here so it’s time to enjoy long lazy days in flip-flops or bare feet, but before we know it it’ll be time to go back to school, and when it comes to school shoes for girls, there’s more than one pair to think about to equip her for the year ahead. So earmark a day for a mother and daughter shopping trip to make sure she’s got all she needs to put her best foot forward into the new academic year.

Essential kit for indoor PE sessions in the autumn term, these often get forgotten about in the rush to get ready for the new term, so make sure she doesn’t spend the first week of September trying to cram her feet into an outgrown pair. Choose from classic black slip-ons or opt for a white Mary-Jane style with a flower motif to add a feminine flourish to her sportswear look.

If she’s going to be wielding a hockey stick or getting sweaty playing netball this term, she’ll need a decent pair of trainers to gain a competitive edge on her peers. There’s no need to spend a fortune though – a good basic white pair will have her leaving everyone else behind in comfort.

As the footwear she’ll wear most, these are the most important shoes purchase you’ll make this summer. George’s school shoes for girls are a great hardwearing, good value option that combine mum-pleasing practicality with daughter-pleasing prettiness! Velcro-strapped shoes are a good idea for younger girls, while older girls may opt for classic ballet flats or a fashionable brogue style.

As the nights get darker and the days get colder, she’ll want to wrap up warm on the chilly early morning walk to school. Why not invest in a sturdy but stylish pair of black boots that’ll keep her ankles dry and her toes as snug as a bug in a rug all day long.

For the days when it’s wet but not particularly cold, wellies are a great idea for walking to school – she can carry her school shoes in a bag and swap them over when she reaches the dry cloakroom. Wellies are often on the must-bring list for school trips, so it’s always a good idea to have a pair waiting in the wings.

Off Duty
Many schools have regular non-uniform days to raise money for their PTA. On these days your girl will want to show off her best fashion-forward look, but there’s no point in sending her teetering off in a pair of sequined party shoes that’ll make her teacher tut. Whether it’s a pair of sparkly canvas trainers, high tops or ballet pumps, makes sure she’s got a pair of shoes in the cupboard that combine fun with functionality.

With all these footwear essentials, you’ve covered every base for an action-packed school year that she’ll happily hop, skip, jump, dance and hop scotch through in style!

Are you ready for the new school term yet?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm a Zelicious Zelf Twitter Party Host!

Today, my little blog has a brand new badge. I am excited to be a Zelicious Zelf Twitter party host with UK Mums TV! *twirls & spins* This zelicious party will kick-off on Wednesday 30th July between 2-4pm! So make sure you pop it in your diary's to come and join in on the fun as there will be prizes up for grabs!
I have sent out my invites, blown up my balloons {early I know! - But I like to be prepared!} and all we need now is for Wednesday to arrive, our guests to knock on our doors, cupcakes to frost and we can have our fun filled party with our little Zelf-like friends! 

I do hope you'll join us!

Milestone alert!

It honestly feels like yesterday that Annabelle was a newborn in my arms and now her most recent milestone has knocked me sideways, not only with sadness, but with complete and utter pride. 

A few weeks ago I was toying with the idea of removing the cot rails and giving her a cotbed, but I wasn't sure if she was ready. But my darling man and I took the steps to make that move when we felt it was right. We bought her a super cute Sofia the First bed bundle and even though my search for a bed rail that would fit Annabelle's cot width came up empty, a few Mums gave me the idea to use a pool noodle. Cheaper than a bed rail and apparently worked just as well! So I popped out and bought one, the last one in the store - phew!

At first I think, "a pool noodle? Really?" but then I thought about it and I reckon it would work just grand, but I suppose actually using it would reassure me that it works!

So with the bedding bought, delivered and waiting patiently to be opened and the pool noodle bought...I got to work! Annabelles cot swiftly went from this... this...
Once this was done and Annabelle was brought upstairs to see it, I couldn't do anything but just sit, stare and well, quite frankly be an emotional wreck! I think when a baby's cot gets changed into a proper bed they are officially leaving behind their baby days and that was hard for me and the darling man to witness. 

Annabelle loved it though! She got straight up and in proper child-like style starting trying to jump on her bed. Even though she hasn't mastered jumping with 'two' feet off the ground yet, that doesn't stop her from trying!  
 Then, once it was time to put this gorgeous little bundle into bed. She went into bed perfectly, lay down, had her bottle and off to dreamland she went. I did find her like this though...
But...after fixing her and putting her the right way up...tucking her in and laying pillows on the floor...she was like this...
..and as I walked out of her bedroom, with a skip in my heart and a smile on my face. I could not of been prouder of our little muggle. Leaving her baby days behind and leaping right into the next chapter of her childhood. 

Annabelles monthly update!

I sit here shocked that I am even having to type up this post, and as I sit here, Annabelle is perched on the chair next to me chatting away. I adore her chatter, it's such a glorious sound to listen too. She's really trying and I am so excited for when she turns that final corner of actual words. No doubt a time I'll then be wishing she'd be quiet for just two minutes, lol. 

So where do I start about our toddlers progress? Gosh...well first of all, her highchair is being phased out and seems to be heading further and further into the corner of the kitchen. Annabelle now likes to sit at the table like her older siblings *makes a mental note to remember to buy a booster seat*. So our poor highchair will be getting fired up to the loft this weekend, or taken to the charity shop. 
Annabelle at four months.
Annabelle at a year & a half.

When it comes to her older siblings, the cuteness just unravels. They cosy up together and enjoy programmes like Pokemon, How to Train your Dragon on the iPad, and they even play games with her on it too. She loves hanging out with them and I truly hope that bond they all share never fades. It's too precious. 
When it comes round to meal/snack times, Annabelle still adores her food. She'll always go for veg before the staples and would choose a yogurt above all else if offered to her. We've started to give her a little bowl of her own cereal each morning too. She loves this! Although nine times out of ten she'll toddle over to steal Daddys breakfast, then once his is finished she'll go back and devour her own! 

Playtime is a bit of a stickler at the moment. She'd rather run around with her siblings than actually play with many of her toys. I think half of them she is too old for now {must do a clear-out!} and she's not got many that she finds engaging. So roll on the Big C this Winter as I've lots of *whispers* Happyland products lined up for her to fall in love with! But ssssh no spoiling it for her! ;) 
Lately and to my glorious surprise, Annabelle has taken quite a shine to having some colouring in pencils and some paper to scribble on. I am LOVING this and she really enjoys it. I remember trying her a few months back and she really didn't have any interest whatsoever. But now...she loves it. She may very well be a little lefty like her big Brother Jacob too!
If Annabelle loves anything, its going outside for a walk. She gets so excited when we put her Lindam safety harness on! We're lucky if we have it clicked on her before she makes a run for the door. Its so lovely how much she loves the outdoors.
But when the days are coming to a close and bedtime is looming, Annabelle loves nothing more than having her jammies put on, being given her bedtime dummy {naptime/bedtimes are the only times she gets it}, River gets placed into her arms and she snuggles down for the night. We adore that she sleeps all night now! Those sleepless nights are now well into our past and they can stay there! Waking up after a good nights sleep {bar the 5am wake up calls we've been having recently} you feel like you can face the day with a toddler that's always on the go!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Our week in Photos 20th-26th July 2014!

This week we've been blessed with sunshine so hot that it was kind've hard to stay out in it for too long! However, that's not to say we weren't loving it all the same! Being from N.Ireland, sunshine at that magnitude isn't often seen over here, so we made the most of it with homemade fizzy ice-lollys, swimming pool fun, garden picnics and so much more! Here's our week in photos!
As you can see the children had some seriously fun times in the pool. We went for lots of walks to the shops and local veggy shop at the bottom of our street, to stock up on ice pops, and Ellie has taken charge of 'walking' Annabelle wearing her harness, lol. 
Ellie needed some new clothes last week, so off out shopping we went and she chose this lovely jumper with a necklace attached saying 'LOVE' on it.

I bought the girls matching trainers, aren't they cute! They have glitter on them too so they sparkle in the sunlight, making them extra pretty!

We've started having Warcraft monopoly nights on Sunday with the kids. We bring out snacks, make pizza and just spend some fun time together.

Annabelle's toddler bed bundle arrived! Super exciting to be using that! We went out to lunch, had a delivery of some fun new toys for Miss Belle and enjoyed some date nights!
RARE TEEN PHOTO ALERT! I swear some people think my eldest two don't exist half the time as they are never ever in my photos, as they hate having their pictures taken! But when I see an opportunity, I snap it up! Mwahahah!

Annabelles joining in with her older siblings in playing fruit ninja {very funny!} and our craft box was replenished!

Annabelle having some snuggle iPad time with her older Brother and Sister, and I was even brought in a flower for my toddler this week too!

So, that was our week! How was yours? 


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