Monday, 21 April 2014

Our Garden project!

Oh this is all very exciting and to be honest....perfectly tragic to be this excited about having a garden project! But we dooooo! Since moving into this house our gardens, front & back, quite frankly...have sucked! They still do. But hopefully this project will change that.

The end goal is to child-proof our garden. A safe and closed off area for the kids to enjoy together. Where I can leave them to play as I run in to get them more snacks and juice and no a certain little toddler isn't going to be able to escape from! And of course all the while, being able to enjoy it with them!

We're kicking off this project with sorting out our front garden. Firstly it's a little uneven, no fence and the only place that our storage container will go {as sods law will have it, we cannot access the back garden any other way than through our house} and there's no way in hell that beast will go through our front door! 
So what do we need to do? We need to level off the grass to the pavements, remove a tree stump from the Yukka type nuisance we removed last night {that was also surrounded in unstable rocks} and we need a fence, plus a gate.
My Daddy is such a gem because he is going to "talk to a wee man about a fence and a gate" for us. He really is amazing, so we just have to concentrate on sorting out the rest. 
Last night we removed all of the unstable rocks and yukka trees, today we will be moving the storage box sideways and leveling it with the pavement using some flagstones and then over the course of the week I'll get the time {anyone got a time machine?} to pop over for soil, grass seeds to do some more leveling of the pavement to grass surface. 

We cannot wait to get this finished! Then we can buy fun toys/games for the garden!


The sound of Music.

When I was younger my love for music started with the influence of my Dad. From Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Thun Lizzy and more. My Dad had the coolest collection of music {in my eyes}, not a CD in sight {as they hadn't come out yet!} but a cupboard filled with epicly illustrated LPs and cassette tapes. 
I remember many a road trip to our caravan in Castlerock, having Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac blasting. That's childhood for me! The sun gleaming through the trees, the car window wound down, my hair blowing in the wind, the classic tunes blasting and feeling bloomin' marvelous. Not a single care in the world. 

As I've grew, I've kept old of my love for the good old rock/metal classics and grew to love Heavy & Death metal bands too.
But along with those music loves, I also developed a love for Opera & Classical music too. I'll tell you what, there are some days that only the smooth, delicious vocals of Andrea Bocelli can solve everything.
Music is one love in my life that hasn't changed very much, just....bloomed as I've got older. Music is the one thing that I know I can turn too for many things. If I can find the time in among this crazy house....I can sit on my PC, headphones in and blast whatever I need to make me feel relaxed again. 

Do you have a wide range of music love too?
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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Our week in photos!

I'm happy to join in again with Make Do & Push linky: The Week that was Captured and finally getting back on the #365 project train with The Boy & Me!

We've had a bit of a battle this week with the children, the weather wasn't great nine tenths of the week and there was a lot of bickering, no doubt due to cabin fever and boredom. Theres only so many bakes and crafts and board games you can play! 
But there has been a few, a very select few moments where we've had fun, smiles on their faces and not a sibling battle in sight. 
1/We love a bit of fluff showing! 2/Watching some Sofia. 3/Chilling with Daddy.
4/Pretty Blue skies! 5/ Mushy egg & toast was enjoyed! 6/Smiles at the park!
7/ Jacob practising his writing. 8/Daddy time! 9/Lego fun!
10/ Surprise hugs! 11/ Snoozies on the bus. 12/ Fun in Lush!
13/ Annabelles new pal! 14/ My Bunny bubble from Lush. 15/How true is this sign!
16/ Back into the Tots 100 top 500! 17/ List of linkys! 18/Happy Annabelle after a super lie-in! {11am!!}

Finally...a bit of sunshine!

In our first week of our Easter holidays we got envious. Envious of other parts of the UK enjoying copious amounts of glorious sunshine and us back here in N.Ireland had gloomy overcast clouds and April showers. 

But a few days ago the sun decided to include us in along with the rest of the country and man, the sunshine makes you feel ten times better about yourself, doesn't it! So we ventured out! Now very far, because being N.I, the sun has this habit of blinding us one minute and then giving us snow ten minutes later. The term "We can get all 4 seasons in one day" is a pretty well used saying over here. So we decided to stay close to home and go to the local park.

On this trip to the park it was all about climbing, going down the slide, on your bum, on your tummy, backwards even! Dangling off climbing frames, kicking a ball about and having fun with family.

And do you know what? The sun stayed out for the entire day to play...

My first attempt on Windows Movie maker, so excuse the glitches at the end, lol!
 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 18 April 2014

Word of the Week - 18/04/14

This is my first time joining in with this weeks Word of the Week with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence. What a great linky, as each of us can feel so many things on a daily basis that I think it's nice to sum them all up, into one defining word a week. 

My word this week is....
I say this word because we did. We survived. Our first week of Easter school term break and after 7 days of bickering, fighting, narky, grumpy, fighting children I can proudly say, that I survived. It's been one hell of a week. Not the sort of week I had in mind but its the week that panned out nonetheless. 

The kids have been at each others throats. There has been a constant blame game being batted back & forth of "he said "she said" and me in the middle trying my best with crafts and bakes and day trips out to cease and desist this war between them, but I lost. 

I hope during the two nights at their Dads and when they come home to us tomorrow, that the war will have ended. The air will have cleared around their beautiful heads and peace will rain once again in our very full home.

Here's to hoping the second week of their Easter break is a darn sight better than the first!!

The Reading Residence


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