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Mad Mid-Week Blog Hop #Week 17!

Welcome to Week 17 of the #MadMidWeekBlogHop

If this is your first time popping by, then welcome! It's great to have you! And if you're a regular then it's fabulous to see you again!! 

Thanks so much for everyone who joined in last week - so many amazing blog posts and I have two favorites to share with you! My first had to be A day in the life from James over on Daddys Space. I love seeing these posts as they give you a real insight to another bloggers day, plus his kids are super cuties! 

And my second was Breast Feeding 1, 2 and 3 from Kate over on Family Fever. I breastfed all my kids too, so this amazing post I could really relate too. Plus coming through the trials and scares she did, too still give her kids the best start they needed...this lady rocks!

Running your own linky isn't easy sometimes, trying to make the time to pop round everyone, comment, tweet and more. But it's something I have become very proud of and look forward to doing! Other bloggers who take the time to come and link up to it makes everything worth it. So a MASSIVE thank you again from me. 

This week we've started a very exciting garden project, made delicious twisted pizza sticks and I even found my darling man asleep in our daughters tent! haha! 

A few things...your posts can be old or new, no giveaways please, no other linkys and please link up with a post & not a direct URL to your blog as those will be deleted. 

If you do link up please do pop over to your host, Super Busy Mum, leave a comment and make it round as many other blogs as you can. 

Sharing the blogging love is what these linkys are all about!

Now lets get hoppin'!

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Annabelles bedtime stories

This passed week we've been trying to re-establish Annabelles night time routine, which she so kindly threw out the window in disgust, so we've started reading her bedtime stories. I don't know why we haven't started reading to her sooner, as with my other children, they were read too from six months. So I am feeling a bit sucky for not taking the time out for those bedtime stories, sooner.

I forgot how much I love reading to my children. I recall manys a night tucking in both Jacob and Ellie into their beds, after being the referee in the battle for what story to read tonight. This often resulted in two books, one chosen by each of them. This didn't stop after I had finished them pleading for "just one more Mummy?" followed but the cutest, sleepy "pleeeeeeease" your ears would ever hear. I caved every time.

So now my older children are reading books themselves in bed {Jacob more at the pictures as he's not quite grasped reading yet!} it's not little Annabelles turn for 'story time'. For me, it's the best part of my day, it's right up there with making the rounds before I go to bed, tucking them all in tight, kissing their foreheads and them going to bed knowing my babies are safe and soundly sleeping. 

So what have we started reading to Annabelle? 
These are really sweet books and Annabelle will just chill out on my lap and listen, occasionally trying to help Mummy turn the pages. 

I love reading to my littlest bean and I cannot wait for her to start choosing her own books for Mummy to read to her. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lamaze from TOMY: Review

Lamaze. A brand I have loved as I have watched each of my children grow. Beautiful, colourful and interesting toys for little hands. From crinkly ears, rattling feet, squeaky paws and shiny wings and jingling toes. Everything you need for a little one to be stimulated. 
So when Annabelle was sent out this adorable pair of Lamaze toys from TOMY, I knew she was going to love them. Meet Bella the Bunny & Bella the Bunny Hide & Seek book. Perfect pair of toys and more so as it's Easter! 
They can be clipped onto the straps of your pushchair, round the railing of your childs cot and even hung off the edges of your toy boxes. Which some other Lamaze toys we have are currently dangling from, happily. 

Bella and her Hide & Seek Book we thought would go well in Miss Belles cot. When she gets up in the mornings or from her mid-morning naps, she rarely {if at all} makes a fuss. So having something in there for her to interact with, we thought was a fun idea for her. 
Annabelle loves having these in her cot and they keep her company after she wakes up until Mummy or Daddy come in to get her. Both adorable items to have in any childs toy collection. 
Disclaimer: I was sent these for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own. 

Twisted Pizza Sticks.

This weeks recipe I have for you guys is: Twisted Pizza Sticks. For this I actually made my own pizza dough which I'd be lying if I wasn't rather proud of myself for. 

The pizza dough recipe I followed can be found here, and it tastes A-MAZING! Once I made up a batch of these pizza twists, I can tell you, they didn't last very long! 

For the pizza twists you'll need:

- Your pizza dough, proved and ready to roll
- Tomato puree
- Grated cheese
- Choice of topping - we went with pepperoni
- Italian seasonning
- Parmesan cheese to sprinkle over the twists {optional}

Pre-heat your oven to 160 degrees then with your pizza base dough, cut it in half and put one half to the side. Roll out the dough into a rectangular style shape then spread it with your tomato puree, sprinkle with grated cheese and your choice of topping. 

Roll out the second ball of pizza dough into roughly the same shape and size as the first. Once you've done that, layer it on top of the other half layered with pizza goodness, press it down gently. Next, get a knife and cut the dough into 1 1/2in strips, then twist each section before adding it to a baking tray and sprinkling them with parmesan cheese {optional} and italian seasoning.

Pop them into the oven for 15-20mins, or until they are golden brown. Take them out, pop them onto a dish and serve with a pizza sauce or like we did....a Dolmios pasta sauce {Sweet pepper} and serve. 

These where D-LICIOUS! Honestly. Everyone loved them, and there's always one who'll turn up their nose, but not this time! Good job I made two batches as they kept coming back for more. The pasta sauce we used was absolutely divine with the pizza twists and added a little spice to it too. 


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Monday, 21 April 2014

Living Arrows

It's no news that my youngest boy, Jacob, is a super sensitive soul. An old world Gentleman as I like to call him. He is forever asking how you are and if you've had a good day. His first words when he gets out of school are usually "How was your day Mummy?" and he will always ask "Did Annabelle have a good day too?". 

He cares, loves and adores, unconditionally. He is always on the look-out for his baby sisters well-being, even as he is swept up in some outdoor fun. He likes it when I leave the living room window open so he can peek in to make sure she's OK. 
living arrows

Ordinary Moments

This week the sun came out to play. In force! So being paranoid little Irish people and assuming even though the sun is out and shining happily, that it's to be taken with a pinch of salt! We're known for having all four seasons in one afternoon!

So with that in mind we paid the local park a lot of visits throughout the week. 

Lots of climbing.

Lots of adventuring by tiny feet.

Lots of butterflies in tummies, whilst on the swings.

Sliding down on bellies, backs and bums.

And best of all. Having fun as a family.

So these photos for us this week....are our Ordinary Moments.

Our Garden project!

Oh this is all very exciting and to be honest....perfectly tragic to be this excited about having a garden project! But we dooooo! Since moving into this house our gardens, front & back, quite frankly...have sucked! They still do. But hopefully this project will change that.

The end goal is to child-proof our garden. A safe and closed off area for the kids to enjoy together. Where I can leave them to play as I run in to get them more snacks and juice and no a certain little toddler isn't going to be able to escape from! And of course all the while, being able to enjoy it with them!

We're kicking off this project with sorting out our front garden. Firstly it's a little uneven, no fence and the only place that our storage container will go {as sods law will have it, we cannot access the back garden any other way than through our house} and there's no way in hell that beast will go through our front door! 
So what do we need to do? We need to level off the grass to the pavements, remove a tree stump from the Yukka type nuisance we removed last night {that was also surrounded in unstable rocks} and we need a fence, plus a gate.
My Daddy is such a gem because he is going to "talk to a wee man about a fence and a gate" for us. He really is amazing, so we just have to concentrate on sorting out the rest. 
Last night we removed all of the unstable rocks and yukka trees, today we will be moving the storage box sideways and leveling it with the pavement using some flagstones and then over the course of the week I'll get the time {anyone got a time machine?} to pop over for soil, grass seeds to do some more leveling of the pavement to grass surface. 

We cannot wait to get this finished! Then we can buy fun toys/games for the garden!


The sound of Music.

When I was younger my love for music started with the influence of my Dad. From Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Thun Lizzy and more. My Dad had the coolest collection of music {in my eyes}, not a CD in sight {as they hadn't come out yet!} but a cupboard filled with epicly illustrated LPs and cassette tapes. 
I remember many a road trip to our caravan in Castlerock, having Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac blasting. That's childhood for me! The sun gleaming through the trees, the car window wound down, my hair blowing in the wind, the classic tunes blasting and feeling bloomin' marvelous. Not a single care in the world. 

As I've grew, I've kept old of my love for the good old rock/metal classics and grew to love Heavy & Death metal bands too.
But along with those music loves, I also developed a love for Opera & Classical music too. I'll tell you what, there are some days that only the smooth, delicious vocals of Andrea Bocelli can solve everything.
Music is one love in my life that hasn't changed very much, just....bloomed as I've got older. Music is the one thing that I know I can turn too for many things. If I can find the time in among this crazy house....I can sit on my PC, headphones in and blast whatever I need to make me feel relaxed again. 

Do you have a wide range of music love too?
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


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